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    The New Malossi Kevlar belts are designed to allow the maximum amount of power to be transferred to the rear wheel by resisting slip. The belt is designed to produce a constant performance throughout its entire life by incorporating a high amount of Kevlar banding reducing the wear of the belt. 

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    Malossi Multivar is very easy to fit and to modify. It is developed for specific applications. With a variator that features such sophistication, your scooter has that extra sprint, a consistency in shifting, a greater mechanical ease at high speeds and a continuity in performance you'll never experience with the original variator.

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    Genuine Belt, Roller and Slider Set to fit Yamaha X-Max 125 Part Numbers: Belt: 1B9-E7641-00 Roller Weight: 1B9-E7632-10 Slider: 1B9E765310

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items