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Tucano Urbono's PRO 4 Season System
14th November 2022
Tucano's new PRO leg cover uses a 4 Season System. During the summer months, you can remove the winter part in less than 10 seconds and leave the rigid part integrated in the scooter bodywork. A great advantage, isn't it? And if a downpour or storm suddenly occurs in the summer, don't worry - simply pull out the emergency rain cover or the practical seat cover to protect the scooter when it's parked. Four seasons in one leg cover - what could be easier than that?!       The new Gaucho PRO 4 SEASON SYSTEM offers the following advantages:  - For commuting during the winter months, it guarantees full thermal protection and avoids flapping at high speed by means of the patented S.G.A.S. system fitted with a new valve- For touring use and, when needed, all year round, it can be easily and quickly removed from the motorbike: just detach the tapes that fix the leg cover to the plate on the fuel tank- Category 1 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as of standard CE EN 343:2008.- HYDROSCUD® construction to guarantee waterproofing- Outer cover in resistant and waterproof 1680 Ballistic and Dobby Polyamide- Taped seams- Thick winter quilt- S.G.A.S. patented anti-flap inflatable system, with new valve fitted with incorporated cap and watertight closure- S.G.A.S. adapter included for manual/pump inflation: makes pumping hygienic and prevents air leakage when the valve is being closed- Anti-theft ring- Large storage pocket- Seat cover stored in the bib- Reflective profile and prints   CARE OF PRODUCT Cleaning instructions: use a damp cloth, rinse and dry the tapes well before storing in a dry place.Do not wash the leg cover with pressurised water or in a car wash as this could invalidate the warranty.  
Why use Ai Seals?
5th May 2023
What are ARIETE seals?   ARIETE seals are manufactured using XNBR Rubber compound and Stainless Steel metal inserts with Steel tension springs.  XNBR Carboxylated nitrile rubber is an improved version of NBR type rubber. XNBR combines the technical properties of nitrile rubber NBR* but with an increased strength, higher abrasion resistance and a tolerance to chemical additives which are used in fork oils. All ARIETE seal lips are Fine Ground Finished, which offers complete control of varying internal pressures during extension and compression of the Fork.    Why use them?   ARIETE has been creating fork oil seals for over 70 years, which means you will enjoy the benefits of a very high quality product at a competitive price. ARI fork oil seals are made from a rubber compound specifically developed to work with the lubricants used in front forks, with all their various additives. The special grease which is known as ‘ARISIL’ is a grease especially formulated in the USA and devised specifically as a rubber/metal lubricant for mechanical components used in the NASA space program. The advantage of this special grease, which we call 'ARISIL', is that it extends the life of the oil seal and helps it retain its vital characteristics of flexibility and chemical resistance.     What do you need to know before ordering?   Each packet of ARIETE seals is sold with 2 seals inside with their sachet of grease. The Fork seals and dust seals are sold separately.      https://maxmotorcycles.dsm.pw/brand/ariete